Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weeks 40, 41, & 42

Sully is on the move now! He is EVERYWHERE, ALL of the time! He's really doing great though - such a happy boy. He loves to play - with the most random things he finds around the house - I'm pretty sure we never needed to buy him toys! He also really likes playing with our little dog, Bernie. He'll find a dog toy and wave it for her and they'll play tug of war with it. It's pretty much one of the cutest things you've ever seen.

It seems like Sully is growing up so quick now. In a matter of weeks he went from sitting, to crawling, to pulling up. He's getting so big and really starting to explore the world around him. Makes for some great photos and videos!

This is 40 weeks. I got Sully a little pool for the backyard and he had a blast playing in it!

My first Mother's Day!

He is hysterical when he laughs!

He's in the laundry basket here - I had to run outside really quick, but since he's been pulling up on stuff I didn't trust him to not get in trouble while I ran out to the backyard - so I did what any normal mom would do - put a laundry basket on him!

This is quite possibly the best part of my day - when I come in his room after he's woken up from a nap he's always trying to pull up on his crib bumpers and he looks like he's in baby jail. Cutest baby ever!

April 22

Army Crawling Pro from Griffin & Kami Stroope on Vimeo.

May 16

Trying to pull up from Griffin & Kami Stroope on Vimeo.

May 17

Standing Boy from Griffin & Kami Stroope on Vimeo.

May 19

My little climber from Griffin & Kami Stroope on Vimeo.

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