Monday, January 26, 2009

We're Pregnant!

So most of you know by now, but we are now 3 months pregnant and couldn't be more excited! We found out right after Thanksgiving and it's been torture keeping this secret for the past 2 months. We've already had several doctors appointments and sonograms... so here's all the info to get you up to speed!

This is us with the pregnancy test after we found out!

Right after we found out we had blood tests done to make sure my hormone levels were where they needed to be - we had a bit of a scare as they started out low, but everything rose like should over the next week so likely I just wasn't as far along as they initially thought. At 6 weeks we went in for a sonogram hoping to hear the heartbeat... and this is what we saw:In case you can't tell (because I surely couldn't!) the little white thing at the top left inside the black oval is the baby - it was so small at that point, like the size of a grain of rice! What we did find out though is that I was only 5 weeks and 6 days at that time and that was a little too early to hear the heartbeat. So my Dr. wanted me back in 2 more weeks to try to hear the heartbeat again... and man, what a difference 2 weeks makes! This is what we saw at 8 weeks:It really looks like a baby now! There is distinction of the head and tail (at this point the baby didn't really have defined legs... just a tail-like thing) and the best news of all - we got to see and hear the heartbeat! It was an amazing moment for us both - already at 8 weeks this baby the size of a kidney bean has a heart that is developed enough to be beating on its own - INCREDIBLE! Here is a close up of that same sono:
So pregnancy symptom wise I've pretty much had it all. It really started around the 6th and 7th weeks with a lot of nausea and an aversion to almost every food on the planet. I was also super tired and could have probably slept for about 18 hours a day! The nausea reached it's peak around week 10, when I finally lost it (literally, I lost my breakfast and will probably never eat Fruit Loops again!). Since then though the nausea has gotten less frequent and I'm starting to regain some energy. I have started getting heartburn in the evenings, but I'll take that over nausea any day.

We had another Dr. appointment at week 10 - and this was my first official OB appointment. We got all of the info about the pre-birth classes we could take, our pre-registration information for the hospital and my Dr. did all my baseline blood work and an exam. We didn't have a sonogram this time, but she did use this doppler thing where she held it to my abdomen and we could still hear the heartbeat - which was great news! I don't go back to the Dr until week 14 and we don't have another sonogram until week 18.

So now you know everything we know! We're so glad to be able to share this amazing news and exciting time with everyone, which is why we started this blog. We'll be updating it regularly so be sure to check back often for the latest updates on our adventure of becoming first-time parents!