Saturday, April 10, 2010


We had a great Easter celebrating our Savior with all of our family... and the Easter Bunny was quite generous to Sullivan! I'm pretty sure he was the cutest Easter baby ever!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weeks 30-34

We've had a really good last month and Sullivan is doing great - he's getting bigger and bigger and becoming an adorable tiny man! Since Griff started school (almost 2 months ago) it's just been me and Sully kickin it at the house most days. Sully is becoming quite entertaining though - he is such a happy baby and loves to smile, laugh and play. I took him back to the GI doctor several weeks ago because his spitting up was not getting any better and I was about at the end of my rope. The doctor checked him out again and confirmed it wasn't a milk allergy and he suggested getting an upper GI to make sure Sully's anatomy was correct. So we took him for the upper GI and it was so painful, mainly for me! They had to strap him to this board and give him barium to drink, then we were able to watch it go from his mouth to his stomach to his upper intestine, but, he was screaming the whole time - it was horrible! However, we were able to confirm that his anatomy is correct and in place, so that was not the cause of the spitting up. So now we are back where we started - waiting to see if it gets better... Lately he's had pretty good days and some not so good days, but I think (and maybe this is me being really hopeful!) it's getting a little better.
He finally started sitting up on his own (!!!!) on Thursday (April 1) and it's a whole new world for him. It's so fun for him (and me!) to be able to sit up and play with all of his toys. He's still not super sturdy so every now and then he topples over, but I think now that he's able to support and control his mid-section it may be helping a little bit with his spitting up.

Here are some pictures from the past month!

This is actually 31 weeks - and apparently Sully is a milkaholic! Such a glutton!

We took a trip to the Arboretum to enjoy a beautiful spring day!

I had to start putting the paper where he couldn't reach it because all he wants to do is eat it - pretty much anything you give him goes directly in his mouth now a days!

Another trip to the Arboretum with my playgroup

Such a motley crew!